A little bit of class for the everyday man.

We’d like to say we were inspired by the market, but the truth is that we were inspired by the gap that was present instead.

Be it for the boardroom or play, DTORIOUS was born out of a recognition that the ‘everyday’ gentleman needs a sidekick to create the perfect impression. And we truly believe that that little sidekick can be found in the heart and soul of our men’s pomade – a nod to quality and craftsmanship. 

Leave sub-par quality at the door

We’ve long had it with hair styling products that don’t focus on the discerning gentlemen. We know you’re looking for a smooth finish and sleek control, without the irritation and build-up that far too many products on the shelves spark. That’s why we’re placing the spotlight on DTORIOUS. You’ve met your match. 

While the old-school class of pomades are coming back in vogue across the globe, leaving outdated craftsmanship back in the 1950s is the first sign of a quality-driven product. DTORIOUS is born through a combination of water-based ingredients that are designed to support your skin, and create a versatile look without the hassle of trying to mould it all into shape.

As pomades are typically on the heavier sides – as opposed to hair gels – we’ve worked hard to establish a version that’s simple to use and just as easy to remove.

So how about we do away with those that are all bark and no bite?