The best men’s skincare routine

The best men’s skincare routine

Alright, hair aside, there’s other bits and pieces to take care of when it comes to keeping up with your appearances. For a majority of men, skincare typically doesn’t spring to mind, or their bathroom cupboards. And if you’re guilty of limiting your routine down to a shower gel or some cologne, then there’s definitely some room for improvement. But if moisturising and cleaning out your pores sounds more like a myth over something that should be done daily, then we’ve got a lineup of top tips to create the best new routine for your morning.


It starts with a great exfoliation technique


Primarily getting rid of dirt, dead skin cells and sebum from the surface of the skin, exfoliating is a deep cleaning method that deserves attention regularly. When you use a high-quality product, you’re effectively unblockling the skin from those impurities lying deep within. Avoiding this means you’re allowing for cystic spots and those nagging blackheads to take over. All of this then leads to nasty breakouts that can be extremely difficult to combat.


However, when you’re jumping into a new exfoliating technique, it’s important to note there are actually two types you can use: chemical vs. abrasives. Chemical-based products are like tonics, and are typically more suitable for sensitive skin. Abrasive versions are your go-to if you like a good scrub, and have a more textured feel to it.


Here’s a couple of steps to take when using each type:


For chemical exfoliators:


  1. Massage it into the skin when you’re in the shower, or whenever you wash your face
  2. Leave it to absorb for 30 seconds
  3. Wash it off thoroughly.


For abrasive exfoliators or scrubs:


  1. Massage continuously for 30 seconds
  2. Focus on areas that regularly have breakouts
  3. Wash it off thoroughly.

And then there’s cleansing

After you’ve scrubbed out those nasties, cleansing is the next important step in line. This consists of eliminating bacteria and environmental impurities and will prevent breakouts from the outset.


To do this effectively, apply a little bit of cleanser onto your skin when you wake up, or after you’ve completed your exfoliation technique. Massage it all in and then wash it off carefully. This step shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds, so don’t overdo it.


Grab some serum


After you’ve mastered the art of the above steps, apply some high-quality serum to your face. This should be done daily, and should take you about 10 seconds to complete. Simple apply one to three drops and gently spread to cover your whole face. Leave on.


Finish it all off with moisturiser


At the end of it all, pick out your favourite moisturiser from the bathroom cabinet. Remember that the type you use here is also important; if you have oily skin, opt for an oil-free version. Additionally, only use a small amount if you have skin like this, as using too much may make oiliness worse or actually encourage breakouts. For dry skin, use only enough to ensure your skin feels hydrated when you touch it.


Pro tip: As colder temperatures kick in, you can increase the amount you use to combat environmental factors.


And that’s it – keep up the three steps above and you’ll find yourself with healthier looking skin, complete without the breakouts or unevenness.

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