How to use pomade to achieve hairstyle you want

How to use pomade to achieve hairstyle you want


Getting that new ‘do’ isn’t always as easy sweeping your hand through your hair like Hollywood portrays. To get that sleek look, you need to have a nifty bit of experience under your belt, or a high-quality product that makes the process a whole lot simpler.


But if you’re after that Ryan Gosling touch, it also takes a bit of understanding of how certain hair products work, to then use them to get the style you want. Rising to popularity and making a resurgence, men’s pomade is bringing old-school class back to the table. So how exactly do you use it to get the perfect result?


You need to understand what it is


If you don’t know how it works or what its made of, you won’t be able to manipulate it into the look and feel you’re after. Pomade resembles a gel or wax but is soft to touch. It allows you to apply various levels of hold and shine, flexing it into the exact style you want. The end result? A matte finish with enough hold to take you from day to night.


Ultimately, pomade gives you that Mad Men feel without using a product that creates a huge amount of build-up or not enough flexibility.


How to apply pomade


For a while, it seemed like everyone was heading away from a bit of shine. Looking back, it was common to see men hitting the streets with a slicked back, glossy hairstyle. As beards rose to prominence (especially in urban Australia), the pendulum slowly started to swing back to favouring polished, slickness – but this time, with more sophistication. While the whole Wolf of Wall Street appeal isn’t quite back in vogue, pomades – like Dtorious – are raising benchmarks for guys looking to achieve a do that doesn’t look cemented in place.


To apply it correctly, there’s a couple of paths you can take:


  1. The towel-dried option: The key here is to leave it slightly wet, as pomades are activated by water. Dry your hair almost completely, but leave a bit of moisture. Then, apply through your hair and shape it.
  2. The hands-on option: There’s no single correct way on how much you should use, as it varies from one pomade to another. But we recommend putting just enough to cover your pinky fingernail. Use your hands to sweep it through and create the look you’re after.


When you’re sweeping this through your hair, there’s a couple of handy tips to keep in mind. For starters, physics do matter. You’ll need to start with the roots – the shaft of the hair is where you can control the whole hairstyle, so that’s where you want to pay the most attention. Keep the product in your fingertips and not in the rest of your hands (like your palms), then massage it into your roots.


Once you’ve experimented enough, you’ll get the hang of using pomades as your go-to product. It’s also likely you’ll never want to head back to the pot of gel you’d sported from the 90s.


Don’t have your own pomade yet? Snatch up Dtorious to give yourself a new style for 2019.



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