Gel vs. pomade: which is better?

Gel vs. pomade: which is better?

Believe it or not, men’s hair trends are rising to meet the volume of women’s, with search engine queries starting to shoot through the roof. Interestingly enough, some attribute the rise of the man bun in 2015 to the increase of attention shown to this topic, but the ‘comb over’ also scored pretty high during this time.


No matter what the spark was that ignited the fuss, hair styling for men is here to stay, with more high-end products hitting the market and a focus on quality overall. So if revamping your style is something you’re looking forward to doing, clear out your bathroom cabinets, because it’s time to kit up with the best possible products for your vision.


Firstly – why do you need to use a styling product?


It doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have – be it surf-like waves or dead-straight; you’ll need a way to manage it all or exaggerate the look you’re after. With new trends floating in and out, a quality product can help you keep up with it, allowing you to flex and mould your locks the way you want to. And that’s exactly where both gels and pomades come in – but each come with their own distinguishing features.



What is pomade?


This creamy hair product is designed to be of a waxy feel, but flexible nature. Pomades like Dtorious are water-based, so they are carefully crafted to prevent build up in your hair and still give the hold you need. Originally – way-back-when – pomades were actually made from mashed apples, but formulas these days are far more innovative and comprehensive, allowing for various holds and applications.


If you have thick or coarse hair, pomades are the more suitable option, when choosing between that or gel. Because they’re made from wax, they help hold your style in more effectively, while the watery base still allows you to get that shine. Additionally, those with curlier locks can also reap the benefits, as it doesn’t dry out and will minimise frizz in unruly hair types.



What is gel?


This hair styling product is designed to give more movement but still hold the style effectively. It’s also widely used to slick hair back or tame those flyaway pieces. This product is also good for adding texture and more grit to your look. The cons, however, is that it’s typically only suitable for shorter hair, unless you’re okay with using a huge amount (which doesn’t exactly look that appealing).


Also, if you accidentally use too much gel in one area without distributing it evenly, you can end up with that ‘stiff’ look – which is something you definitely want to avoid.

Which should you choose?

In essence, it all comes down to personal preference, but hair pomades for men are far more popular these days than gels. Offering more flexibility, a sophisticated look and a high-end touch, these products give you more bang for your buck over gels, which can sometimes end up looking like a do from the 90s.


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